research interests

Susan Colbourn focuses on modern international history, particularly transatlantic relations, the Cold War, and nuclear history. Her current project, Defining Détente, examines transatlantic debates regarding the decline of detente in the late 1970s and early 1980s, considering the intersections between East-West and West-West relations and the impact of public opinion and social activism. Susan is also interested in methodological questions about how declassification and digitization efforts can be used in the study and teaching of international, transnational, and global histories.



Recent Publications

"Why International Histories Need More Canadian Sources." Sources and Methods (Mar. 2017).

"Histories in Progress: Writing and Teaching the Past as it Unfolds," co-authored with Erica Toffoli. Process: A Blog for American History (Feb. 2017).

"Canada and the British Commonwealth in the Great War: an Historiographical Review," co-authored with Robert Bothwell. Histoire@Politique (2014).